Jennifer Adams

Side Hustle Success: Jennifer Adams

  Jennifer got the idea to sell her Kentucky Cutting Boards from her and her husbands flooring company. Tell me a little bit about how you got started? The idea for our unique American Made products began in a casual discussion over a glass of wine in our backyard. My husband Bill and I own […]

Save Money


7 Tips for Smart Holiday Spending

Between gift giving and entertaining, the holiday season means massive spending for many. Even people who are typically frugal spenders can get caught up in a holiday spending frenzy.  But, … [Read More...]

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Financial Planning

7 Ways to Deal With a Job Loss

With the recent nosedive the economy took, many people have found themselves in the unemployment line. If you've recently lost your job, don’t fret as there are things you can do to cope with this life … [Read More...]

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Debt Help


The Perils of Emotional Binge Spending

In that particular moment, it seems like such a good idea, a blessedly divine idea if you were to be perfectly honest. You are looking a fifteen, and not a single six has been turned up. That pile of chips in front of … [Read More...]

Credit Card Debt

6 Ways to Cut Credit Card Debt

  Does your credit card debt seem overwhelming? Don’t panic. You can overcome your credit card debt with a little planning and action. Here are some tips to help you cut your credit card debt. Negotiate With … [Read More...]

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Earn More Money


Yes, You Can Be Self Employed!

Everybody hits that point. You know the one. The one where your boss has been breathing down your neck all day about something that was his fault and your office mate won’t stop signing along to the … [Read More...]

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Improve Credit

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Getting Your Credit Back in Shape

Whether you're recovering financially from a divorce or years of poor financial choices, bad credit is not the end of the world. Right now, your situation may seem hopeless, or it might feel as if … [Read More...]

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Learn to Invest

Differences between a 401k and an IRA

Differences between a 401k and an IRA

Retirement is not something you want to leave to chance. You certainly don't want to depend on the government to keep Social Security afloat do you? You need to begin planning for your retirement now. … [Read More...]

investing is sprint

Investing is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Every January, we set goals for the New Year in hopes that achieving these goals will improve our lives. I’ve always taken more of a long term approach to my goals, but I use such times to track where … [Read More...]

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