Going Bankrupt? Here is a Brief Tour of Your Options

Really, it’s not my place to judge. But let’s take a quick look at how you got here. Six months ago, you were all excited about starting your financial consultancy business. You rented some premium office space on Main Street. I certainly can’t fault you for your choice of location. You chose to organize as […]

6 Tips to Make Money While Earning Your Degree


While college is expensive, and students are notorious for always needing money, it is possible to make some money while earning your degree. Whether you need a little extra cash for snacks, or you need money to help pay the bills, keep reading for some creative ideas. 1. Tutor Fellow Students   Image via Flickr […]

The Perils of Emotional Binge Spending


In that particular moment, it seems like such a good idea, a blessedly divine idea if you were to be perfectly honest. You are looking a fifteen, and not a single six has been turned up. That pile of chips in front of you represents everything you brought to Vegas, plus what you were going […]

Yes, You Can Be Self Employed!


Everybody hits that point. You know the one. The one where your boss has been breathing down your neck all day about something that was his fault and your office mate won’t stop signing along to the Frozen soundtrack and someone steals your lunch out of the fridge in the break room and you think […]

Living On a Budget – 7 Secrets to Help You Live Within Your Means


When you are financially responsible, you are living a life that is well within your means. This simply means that you are constantly making sure that your debts and expenses do not outweigh your income. However, many people quickly realise that this concept is often difficult to put into practice. Credit cards, loans and other […]